What is Freelancing and How we can   earn from Freelancing 

Introduction of Freelancing:

Today I am discussing freelancing every person has their own concept of freelancing but in simple words freelancing is a self-employment job and you can work from your home with the help of the internet you will be your own boss and you will have direct communication with your clients and you can hunt clients from all over the world. But some people think that freelancing is a skill but itโ€™s not true. We can say that freelancing is a very big marketplace and you have to learn any skill that service you want to offer and earn money.

Benefits of freelancing:

1.       The big benefit of freelancing is self-employment. It means you will directly communicate with your clients and you will be your own boss. Freelancing has a wide scope, but if you are a hard worker and skill expert, you can easily start earning from the freelancing marketplace.

2.       In freelancing you can find different types of jobs like permanent base, contract base, one-time projects,s or short-term or long-term projects. And you will be able to work with different companies.

3.       You may enjoy greater control of your earnings potential since you generally set your own rates as a freelancer,

How does freelancing work

A Freelancer earns money by providing his short-term services and you will do work and earn money. Itโ€™s really one of the great opportunities for the freelancer to provide a specific service or outcome, and the buyer pays them a fee directly.

For example: If you hire a graphic designer to make a logo for your business or brand, he will complete the work within one or two days and you will pay his service charges according to an agreement.

Different ways to earn from freelancing:

Freelancing is just like a marketplace but if you want to become a freelancer and make money online you have to learn any skill according to your interest and you have a good grip on your skill. And you can make your profile on the freelancing marketplace and start offering your services.

Here I will discuss some important freelancer marketplaces.

1.       Fiverr

2. Upwork

3.       Peopleperhour

4.       Guru

How to start Freelancing 

Freelancing is very easy to start and it is not a very difficult step. Freelancing is just like a business and you will become independent after you start freelancing and you can start earning money from this market.

  1. Decide a skill that services you want to offer on a freelancing marketplace.
  2.  Make your profile on freelancing websites like Fiverr,upwork, guru, or PeoplePerHour and offer your services and start earning.
  3. You can include your precious work on your profile to hunt the client fast.

Top Skills for freelancing:

If you want to become a freelancer and offer your services and earn money then skill is compulsory for freelancing, And here I will discuss some important and easy skills, And you can learn these skills easily in 3 to 4 months,

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Search Engine Optimization 
  3. Blogging 
  4. Graphic Designing
  5. e-Commerce Management
  6. Become a Virtual Assistant
  7. Video editing 
  8. video creation and Animation

Advantages and Disadvantages of Freelancing:


  1. You are your own boss which means that you will directly communicate with the clients and deal with them and you will not able to respond.
  2. You can set the working time according to your interest and no one can ask you about your time.
  3. You can keep all the profit because you are self-employed and you are your own boss.
  4. Freelancing offers a lot of clients from all over the world and you can make good profitable earnings from these opportunities.
  5. You can develop your freelancing business by making a team.


  1. Hustling 24/7 to stay online.
  2. Freelancing is required to build a business.
  3. A big issue for freelancers is the time issue because they cannot manage their time and they fail as freelancers.
  4. Client risk because most clients cannot pay the service charges because they do not like your work or maybe the client is a scammer.


In my conclusion, Freelancing is the best opportunity for students and skilled persons in freelancing. You have to work with lots of clients and companies. As a student, you will become self-independent and you can afford your own expenses and you will choose your interesting skill according to your interest and you will continue your study according to your interest. Freelancing is a business that will increase your business mind, explore the world of the internet, and build your own brand after freelancing.

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