Why search engine optimization (SEO) is important and its role?



Introduction to search engine optimization


Seo means search engine optimization and its plays an important role to optimize the content

According to the search engine and rank your website fast and obtain traffic. Most people do SEO to rank their website in the top 10 websites according to the keyword that they use in their blog posts. Seo improves the website ranking and increases website traffic. Some people think that in SEO we optimize the search engine but the search engine is not a small factor we cannot optime the search engine in SEO but we optimize the content according to the search engine. Lets us discuss some important types of SEO. 


Types of SEO:


There are two types of SEO:


  1. On-page optimization
  2. Off-page optimization


What is On-page optimization?


In On-page optimization, we will optimize our article and find the best keywords using tools like google auto suggest, Ahrefs, Neil Patel, and Moz. This is the best tool to find the keywords and we will use these keywords in our article and optimize the content. In On-page optimization, we will do content optimization and choose the best SEO title or creates a subheading and we will focus on the main keyword in the article or blog post. We will also create a meta description of internal or external links and header and Url optimization to optimize the blog SEO. On-page optimization helps to rank your website higher in the search engine.


Important factors of On-page optimization:




Keywords are the words that people enter in search engines and keywords play an important role in On-page optimization. With the help of keywords, we will understand what a willing person searches and we can able to understand their desire. After understanding the phrases of keywords we will write the article by using the keywords. A search engine understands and find an article by using keywords and there are different types of keywords.




  1. Informational keywords
  2. Commercial keywords 


Informational Keyword 


In an informational keyword, the person searches for a solution for his problem because the information keyword is related to the term information  Information is in different kinds like problem-solving, looking for the best mobile phones under 500$, etc. In simple words, we say that the term or phrase that provides information and contains a problem solution is called an Informational keyword.


Let us understand with an example


Let’s suppose your personal mobile phone was broken and you are in pain and you want to buy a new mobile phone and you cannot go to the market directly first you will explore google and make searches on google like which mobile phone is best under 600$. Because first you will explore and read different blogs related to mobiles phone.


Commercial Keywords:

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